What Can You Put In Mason Jars For Valentine's Day?

It’s no secret that the festivity of New Year and the magic of the winter season make the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day extra special. Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that not only gives us the opportunity to make our loved ones feel special but also brings life to romance in the best possible way. All of us wish to surprise our beloved one in a unique way and what is better than creating a DIY project that will allow you to express your love in the most creative and romantic manner. Talking about DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, we’re sure you would agree with us when we say that nothing can beat the utility of mason jars. The fun fact about mason jars is that they have endless uses outside the kitchen boundaries which add to their versatility, allowing us to get all crafty and creative. Trust us, a DIY mason jar craft is the best Valentine’s Day gift idea as it will make your loved one fall in love with your thoughtfulness. Whether you’re celebrating this day with your partner or you want to shower your friends and family with love, mason jar valentine’s day gifts will definitely suit you best but if you’re confused about what can you put in mason jars for Valentine's Day, don’t worry as below we’ve rounded up some inspiring Valentine’s Day ideas using mason jars that will instill romantic charm into your special celebration. Keep scrolling to discover innovative ways that will help you set the mood for a romantic date night in the most heartwarming way.

Valentine's Day

Glow Up Mason Jars!

There’s no better way to ignite the flame of love on Valentine’s Day than giving some luminaries to your loved one but rather than placing your chosen candles in regular candle holders, go an extra mile and decorate a glass mason jar to use it instead of a candle holder. All you need to do is paint a clear jar using acrylic paints in any pattern you like or go the easy way by decorating it with our gold butterflies and simply placing candles in it. You can choose your favorite candles from our wide range of battery operated candles which exude glowing radiance without creating any dripping mess. For some extra amount of sheen, you can choose our glitter votives but if you want to keep it simple and elegant use our metallic tea light candles for the perfect sparkle. For a decorative finishing touch, you can also tie our rustic jute burlap ribbon over the jar and create the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Kindle The Love With Lanterns!

Even though you will find a vast range of stunning lanterns at our online store, nothing can be more fun than creating your own. As Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love towards your partner, rather than giving store bought gifts, go for creating lanterns that involve your personal efforts so that your loved ones cherish all the energy, time, and love you have put into making these lovely Valentine’s Day gifts for them. Cut mini hearts out of our shimmering glitter foam sheets and simply paste them over clear glass mason jars. The best part about these sheets is that there is no need to sprinkle extra glitter over them or use any sort of glue as they are extra-glittery and self-adhesive. Next, fill your alluringly decorated jar with as many string lights as you can for the perfect glimmering touch. Whether you give this gleaming accent as a gift to your partner, hang it by your window, or use it as a coffee table centerpiece, these DIY lanterns will help you celebrate the day of love in the most intimate way.

Yummy Treats In Glittery Jars!

There’s something super romantic about chocolates and this is why they are one of the sweetest must-haves for Valentine’s Day but if you don’t want to go with the usual chocolate packaging and boxes, give your Valentine’s Day gift a unique spin and mesmerize your partner by adding your own efforts in creating this striking DIY project. Start by applying a thin layer of mod podge from the bottom and cover half of your mason jar with it. Before the glue dries out, sprinkle glitter all over it and remove the excess once it has completely dried. After this, fill the jar with your loved one’s favorite chocolates and since red roses are the epitome of pure love, make sure you place our foam roses right at the top of the jar for a floriated and dreamy touch.


Blow up the romance this Valentine’s Day with these super innovative gift ideas for your loved ones. Don’t forget to tell us about your Valentine’s Day ideas in the comments section below.