What Color Should Living Room Curtains Be?

When it comes to window treatments, curtains are the ultimate window decor accessories that never go out of style. Although curtains and drapes can be used to enhance the interior design of any room, they are a must-have for the living room. But it turns out that choosing curtains for living room is not as simple as it sounds. Because decorative curtains help add a finishing touch to the room interior design, it is crucial to consider a few factors such as the fabric material, length, style, design, and most importantly the color of the living room curtains that can make or break the look. So, if you’re wondering what color should living room curtains be, we’ve got that covered for you! Here are some tips and tricks on how to pick curtain colors that are just perfect for your living room.

living room curtains

Keep The Color Scheme In Mind

When choosing curtains for living room, it is essential to opt for colors that complement well with the interior decor. If your living room has vivid colored walls, carpet, or other furnishings, it is best to opt for muted tones such as white curtains or cream colored curtains to usher in an elegant and refined appeal. However, if you have a neutral color scheme, go for vibrant colors such as green or yellow living room curtains for a lovely contrast of colors that’ll imbue a cheerful aura into your space.

Determine The Purpose

Are you trying to keep the prying eyes away or you’re looking to spruce up your living room decor? Choose the color of the living room curtains according to your desired purpose. For instance, white curtains won’t be of much use if you want privacy, instead opt for dark curtains such as black living room curtains. Similarly, if you want to pep up your interior, pick bright shades like purple or red curtains for a perky flair.

Consider The Size Of The Room

The color of the curtains for living room can make your space appear smaller or capacious. Hence, it is important to pick a hue that’ll help you achieve your desired effect. Soft and muted colors like ivory curtains will reflect more light making your living room appear more spacious. Whereas, dark navy blue or black living room curtains will give a warm and cozy look to your space.


There you have it! Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll never find yourself confused about what color should living room curtains be? Browse through our gorgeous collection of home curtains to effortlessly elevate your living room decor. Visit us now!