What Curtains Are Trending?

Do you want to revamp your home interior without making any major changes? How about dressing up your windows with curtains! Window curtains are significant to the interior design as they not only block out light and insulate your home but also add to the height of the room and frame the shape of windows and doors. So, what curtains are trending in 2021? Just keep on reading and find out which curtain designs are on top of the trending list this year!

trendy curtains

There is no doubt that curtains remain the most popular window coverings as they add design and dimension to any given space. But heavy curtains and drapes are out of fashion and minimalistic style lightweight sheer curtains that bring light and fresh air in are all the hype right now. Moreover, plain curtains in saturated tones such as polyester solid color curtains are also a hot pick.

Since layered curtains never go out of style, this year it’s all about adding extra dimension and flair with textured curtains. Try layering burlap curtains or faux linen curtains with sheer curtain panels for a stylish yet functional window treatment. However, in the printed curtains category, nature-inspired prints such as floral sheer curtains and botanical print curtains in neutral shades are welcomed.

While trendy curtains are essential to give a modern finished look to the room, using stylish hardware adds another level of style to the interior design. Metal curtain rods, decorative curtain rod finials, and tie backs are huge right now! So, head out to eHomemart and shop for the latest curtain designs and accessories at affordable prices now!