What Do You Line Planter Boxes With?

Do you love to grow plants but are short on space? Planter boxes are a great way of decorating confined spaces such as window sills and balconies. They are not only functional but also add a decorative flair enhancing your plant decor up a notch. But before filling your planter boxes with potting soil and planting new seedlings, it is important to properly treat, seal, and line them to keep both your planter and plant safe and protected. So, what do you line planter boxes with? Here is a breakdown of different types of liners you can use as inlays for your planter boxes.  

planter boxes

Plastic Planter Box Liners

Whether you have a metal or wooden planter box, using a plastic bag or thick plastic sheet as a liner helps prolong the planter’s life. It protects the planter from rust and rot while keeping the harmful wood treatment or heavy metals from leaching into the soil. Moreover, plastic planter box liners are easy to install and allow good drainage if poked before adding potting soil to the container.

Plant Pots

If you’re not too keen on filling your decorative planter boxes with dirt, plastic plant pots can come in handy! Placing a couple of small plant pots in a large planter box prevents any direct contact between the soil and the planter. Though plant pots can be paired with all types of planter boxes, it is important to layer rocks, stones, or gravel inside the large wooden planter boxes to facilitate adequate drainage.


Natural moss and moss grass are organic planter box liner materials that are ideal for covering wireframe planter boxes. Lining your planter with organic moss allows good drainage and airflow while protecting the soil from all sorts of contaminants.

No matter what type of planter you have, it is essential to cover it with a liner to extend its life. In case you’re still not sure about what to use or how to line a planter box, ehomemart offers an impressive range of metal and wooden planter boxes with liners that’ll surely make things a cinch! Browse through our exclusive collection of planter boxes now!