What Is Correct Napkin Or Serviette?

A stylishly exhibited tablescape is an essential part of any event design and table napkins are one of those pleasurable accessories that make a huge splash on any table settings without going broke. Heightening the urbanity of an event, these dazzling beauties assist the guests during dining and turn their dining experience into a regal affair. The choice of table cloth napkins and their right placement with the complementing tableware gives an appealingly dramatic look to the table decorations. These party napkins not only add elegance to your tabletops but also give a comfortable feel to your guests to clean and wipe up any accidental spill. Whenever we are arranging an upscale place setting, we often use the term napkin but there is another word that is used instead of a napkin, which is serviette, making many of us confused about, what is correct napkin or serviette? Well, there is no difference between these two; they both refer to a square piece of cloth or paper used during mealtime. If you want to learn more about napkin or serviette, continue reading as we are sharing some interesting facts about them that will surely clear all your confusion.

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What Are Napkins Used For?

Napkins, serviette, or face towelette are rectangular or square pieces of cloth used for wiping your fingers and face, as well as, they absorb food spills efficiently. Cloth napkins might seem like a small and minor detail but there is no denying the fact that using table napkins not only elevates the elegance of your table décor but also brings convenience with class. Linen table napkins are not only used for giving a comfortable feel to your guests to clean and wipe up any accidental spills but there are many other uses of these cloth dinner napkins. With a wide variety of colors, designs, and material these party napkins make up as a highly decorative accessory on any tablescape.

These fabric napkins enhance the thematic decorations and give an alluringly dramatic look to your partyscape, for instance, using polyester napkins with burlap cutlery holders will give a sensational idyllic flair to your bucolic setting. Satin napkins or velvet napkins can be used as perfect place settings for anniversary dinner or any other romantic celebration. For a disco-themed soiree décor, choose sequin napkins or paper dinner napkins and turn your tablescape into an attractive one. Turn your cocktail parties, barbeque parties, dinners, holidays, birthdays, showers, carnivals, picnics, and high-end commercial events and wedding receptions into a magnificent realm by displaying our checkered, striped, cotton napkins. For a corporate event, use polyester napkins, linen dinner napkins, cheesecloth napkins, or pintuck napkins that will not only give a classy appeal but will also add a dignified class to your decor. Damask flocking table napkins will elevate the elegance of your dinner parties and other festive events. By creating a decorative cloth napkin folding you can take your personalized theme to the next level and bring extra class to your corporate events, and anniversary parties, and other milestone celebrations.

Are Napkins Fashionable & Functional At The Same Time?

While styling party tables, we often tend to give heed to highlighting table centerpieces, tablecloths, table runners, menus, and placemats, but do you know the fact that the way table napkins are exhibited, speaks a lot about the event’s aesthetics. Yes, these plush pieces stylishly augment the visual appeal of your mealtime and ooze oodles of festive elegance and classy panache. Although these table napkins add a glam factor to your partyscapes, but their primary function to assist in neat and clean dining cannot be denied. One can easily amp up their tabletop game by using the best cloth napkins that are a perfect combo of class with convenience and fashion with functionality. For instance, cloth napkins are reusable napkins and can last for a long time if they are washed properly, on the other hand, decorative cloth napkins are not only functional but also beautiful and ornamental in nature. If you don’t want to take the hassle of laundering these party napkins, then paper napkins are the perfect ones to add another layer of sophistication to your décor. Our textured linen napkins and premium polyester napkins will look wonderful in practically almost any table setting. Moreover, they are available in a plethora of cool shades which makes them ideal for mixing and matching if you can't decide.

How To Set A Table With Napkins?

Setting up napkins on a table is not a piece of cake, some etiquettes are necessary. If you are setting up linen table napkins for everyday use then you must consider the layout of the table as it will have an impact on the overall dining experience. Let’s suppose you are setting up dinner napkins, then they should be put to the left side of the forks if there isn’t much space between the silverware. Cloth dinner napkins can be placed atop the plates or chargers if there is not enough space on the table. Never put the linen table napkins inside the glasses or cups no matter how lovely they look as this style suits big corporate parties or wedding tablescapes. On the other hand, cutlery can be stylishly wrapped in cloth table napkins by making interesting napkin folding pockets, for instance, if it’s a table setting for lunch, fold the fabric napkins in quarters, then fold the top layer diagonally and flip the table napkins over and stylishly put the cutlery in it to give your tableware a classy look.

Whether you call it napkin or serviette both are the same in use, so if you are looking for affordable cloth table napkins that will not eat up your entire decoration budget, then look into our collection of cloth napkins. With a wide range of color, style, and designs you can choose beautiful table napkins that will complement your dinnerware and centerpieces, with designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. So, what are you waiting for, visit our online store and see for yourself!