What Is The Color Scheme For Winter?

As the weather takes a chilly turn and the days get shorter, now is the perfect time to give your home a seasonal update with alluring winter decorations to imbue a cozier vibe into your space. In addition to stocking up on fluffy throw pillows and fuzzy blankets, using a color palette that evokes the whimsical splendor of the season can help you elevate your interior design up by several notches! But what is the color scheme for winter? Well, there is a stunning range of cool, warm, and dusky hues that can be used to curate the perfect winter palette. So, in order to help you envelop your home in a warm and welcoming ambiance, we’ve rounded up some tried-and-tested winter color schemes that’ll allow you to hibernate in style! Just keep on reading and get the scoop on trending winter decorating ideas and color combinations!

winter home decor

Cool Wintery Colors

Embrace the snowy splendor and infuse icy hues into your interior design to turn your humble abode into an enchanting winter wonderland. Choosing cool colors like white, ice blue, and light gray form an elegant palette that is perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms, however, to keep the look from veering into being too bleak and cold, you need to opt for the right winter decorations that’ll add dimension and coziness to your space. Introduce plush textures to your design to soften it up and blend in a shiny metallic accent color to subtly warm up your palette. In order to bring this color scheme to life drape a beautiful white fur rug on one side of the coffee table and perch a couple of varying-sized silver metal lanterns or silver mercury glass vases filled with artificial blue colored floral stems on the other side for a sleek yet cozy living room decor that stylishly highlights the true colors of the season.

Dancing With Warm Neutrals

Neutral colors never go out of style, no matter the season. But they feel especially warm and inviting in the winter. Go for shades of cream, gray, taupe, and brown to create a soothing color scheme for your winter home decor and add visual interest with a variety of patterns, earthy textures, and natural elements. Juxtapose a couple of wooden candle holders featuring burlap ribbons and twine with pine cones for an idyllic winter mantel decor or pop in a few cream-colored blooms in gray marbled ceramic pots to impart a chic appeal. You can also stylishly hang burlap string lights on the mantelshelf for added warmth and radiance. However, if you’re looking to exude coziness through your tablescape, unfurl a gold striped burlap runner on your dining room table for a luxurious flair or drape a taupe linen tablecloth to keep things simple yet graceful. Moreover, use braided jute napkin holders to tie ivory-colored gauze napkins accentuating the inviting appeal of your winter table decor.

Dramatic Monochromes

Capturing the essence of winter is all about creating a striking contrast. And since nothing creates a more dramatic contrast than a moody monochromatic color scheme, draw inspiration from the stark white snowscapes and use dusky black accents for bold yet classic winter decorations. Swap out your vibrant, summery living room curtains with black & white chevron curtains and opt for a black couch cover with a white faux sheepskin rug to effortlessly revamp your couch for the winter season. Moreover, opt for a tall black metal stand and use a white plexiglass sheet as the top base plate to create a sleek accent table in your living room. Perch a couple of varying-sized gold/matte black candle holders on the stand or opt for modern matte black or white geometric flower vases to arrange contrasting plumes elevating your winter home decor to the next level. You can also mount a black hexagon floating shelf on the wall to display your vases and holders. The black and white color palette is undeniably chic and classy not to mention timeless.

Rich Jewel Tones

Rich jewel tones, such as navy blue, emerald, hunter green, and burgundy can instantly imbue a cozy wintery vibe into the room. Simply opt for deep, saturated shades of your current color scheme to add a luxurious touch to your space. If your home decor features hints of green, consider adding emerald or hunter green throughout your interior design. You can opt for hunter green velvet cushion covers for your bedroom or dress your dining table with an emerald green velvet tablecloth for the ultimate posh and wintery look. However, if your color scheme has blue undertones, incorporating dark navy blue linens and accessories will add a vivid and luxurious allure to your interior design.

Whether you’re trying to spruce up your home decor for the winter holidays or you want to beat the blues, these color schemes will surely elevate your winter decorations to a whole new level of whimsy. Which color combinations are you going to try out this year? Let us know in the comments section below!