What Is The Difference Between A Wall Decal And A Wall Sticker?

Wall & ceiling decor can transform the look of your space and add depth and dimension to the interior design. There are many wall decor ideas to add visual interest to those bare, stark walls by decorating them with paintings, frames, wall hangings, and adhesive wall decorations. The adhesive wall decor that includes wall stickers and wall decals is a hassle-free and more affordable option to spruce up empty walls. However, wall decals and wall stickers often get mixed up and it is mostly asked, what is the difference between a wall decal and a wall sticker?  Both wall decals and wall stickers are designed to stick on a smooth wall surface and are mostly used for wall decor. They are pretty much similar but the difference is wall stickers are smaller in size and are made of thick vinyl sheets whereas wall decals are larger in size.

The disadvantage of wall decor stickers is that they leave marks when removed and cannot be reused. Whereas wall decals are made of thin sheets and unlike wall stickers, they are transferred from the sheet to the wall. Wall decals give a more refined finish, are easily removable, and are reusable as well. Below we’ve answered some important questions that come to everyone’s mind while purchasing wall decals for wall & ceiling decor.

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Do Decals Ruin Walls?

Wall decals are easy to remove and wouldn’t ruin the wall when used with care. They add vibrancy, style, and sparkle to the home decor but you need to take them out gently to make sure the surface is not damaged in the process. Mostly wall decals are easy to stick and peel and come out effortlessly but if they are adhered strongly then apply some heat to soften up the adhesive which makes peeling it quite easy, however, if there is any residue left you can use soapy water to remove it. Thus, gently removing wall decals doesn’t ruin the walls or paint.  At ehomemart, you can find easy-to-stick and peel wall decal stickers in stunning designs like green potted plants on shelves wall decals, and bird of paradise tropical plant wall decal to usher in freshness and liveliness through your home wall decor.

How Long Do Wall Decals Last?

Good quality wall decals are long-lasting and fade-resistant as well and normally last longer than your expectation. Most of them have strong adhesive so they stick for a long period, depending on the environment where they are applied. So, for a modern wall decor opt for our hanging terrarium plants & bulbs wall decals that’ll beautify your walls until you remove them.

Are Wall Decals Permanent?

Decals are relatively permanent depending upon the type of adhesive material and they can stay there as long as you want them. Decorative wall decals are a perfect and pocket-friendly way of transforming plain walls into attractive ones. So why should your walls stay blank when you can effortlessly modify them with wall decals. Visit our online store and select from our collection of exquisite wall decal stickers that feature sturdy PVC construction to brighten up your walls creating a riveting focal point.

With wall decals, elevating your wall & ceiling decor becomes quite easy and you can create visual interest. They are available in a variety of designs at ehomemart. So, go check our collection of wall stickers now, and don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments box below!