What Lights Do Vanity Mirrors Use?

A vanity mirror is often a focal point of the bathroom, powder room, and dressers. And because it is used for chores such as grooming, makeup, and hairstyling, adorning it with lights makes perfect sense. A vanity mirror with lights acts as task lighting that is both functional and practical and helps evenly light your face for all your daily self-care tasks. But what lights do vanity mirrors use? There are several varieties of lighting fixtures available on ehomemart to illuminate your vanity mirror. Here is the list of the best lights for a vanity mirror!

vanity mirror

Vanity Mirror Light Bulbs

Want to turn your ordinary vanity mirror into a Hollywood vanity mirror? Look no further than our battery-operated LED light bulbs that’ll make you feel like a star!  No matter the size or shape of your makeup vanity mirror, these cordless small LED lights can be easily installed around the edge of the mirror providing the perfect illumination for your makeup application.

String Lights For Vanity Mirror

Feeling a little fancy? Hang decorative string lights over your tall bedroom vanity mirror or vanity dresser with mirror to exude a soft whimsical radiance. Opt for our gold base warm white LED bulb string lights or surround your vanity wall mirror with Moroccan fairy string lights to impart an enticing flair while evenly distributing warm white light across the face.

Stick On LED Lights For Vanity Mirror

Got unique vanity mirrors? Our bright LED waterproof strip lights are the most flexible lighting fixtures you can use to creatively light up your designer bedroom or bathroom vanity mirrors. Featuring a self-adhesive backing and high quality LEDs, these waterproof led light strips can be used to create a chic glowing signage on the vanity wall mirror or can be adhered to the edges of the tabletop vanity mirror for a radiant allure.

With so many lighting options available at our store, decorating a vanity mirror with lights will surely be a cinch. So, which of these vanity mirror lights are you going to use? Let us know in the comments below!