What size tent do I need for 100 guests?

There is a new interest in tent backyard weddings due to the on-going virus outbreak. Irrespective of the current pandemic, there are couples who prefer getting married in their backyards instead of at posh banquet halls. Even though uniqueness of backyard tent wedding attracts couples, it has its own set of challenges that must be addressed upfront. If you choose to marry in your gorgeous backyard, you have to set up everything from scratch while if you choose an event wedding, you get everything ready made as the onus of making arrangements is on banquet owner. When preparing for an outdoor wedding, you need to pay special attention to the tent as it’s one of the prime items that can make or mar your event. Are you expecting a turnout of 100 guests on your wedding and wondering, what size tent do I need for 100 guests?  We are here to assist you. We have compiled a list of everything you need to know about finding the perfect tent for hosting hundred people, including types, sizing calculations, and accessories.

backyard tent wedding


Tent Styles Available

The first thing that you need to do is to acquaint yourself with the diverse styles of tents available in the market. Pole tents, frame tents, marquee tents, sailcloth tents, transparent tents, and stretch tents are highly in demand. At ehomemart, you'll find everything you need for your backyard tent wedding under one roof, as it has an impressive range of outdoor backdrops and tents. Give a gorgeous look to your simple backyard with our adjustable wedding backdrop stands, ceiling drapes, and spandex backdrops.

Enthrall your Guests with Unique Tent Structure

No need to confuse yourself by thinking about all the styles and sizes of backyard tents for wedding as you would not need all of them. Consider a number of factors when selecting a tent, including the floor surface on which the tent will be placed, area of place where tent will be set, and the type of ambience you desire. For instance, a simple looking frame tent is suitable for all surfaces; while an elegant looking pole tent is suitable for soft surfaces only. If you are aiming bucolic or pastoral ambience, opt for a stretch tent. A sailcloth tent makes a perfect choice if you want a natural look. You are free to choose a pole tent or frame tent, or a hybrid of the frame tent and the pole tent if your backyard surface is full of grass. Build the desired atmosphere with our triangle sunshade sails, rectangle sunshade sails, and sun shade sail installation kit.

How big of a tent do I need for 100 people?

Selecting the suitable tent size is very crucial as it ensures free movement of people across the tent site. After finalizing tent style, you need to grab the appropriate tent size for your backyard tent wedding. You need to factor in guest count, measurement of tent site, and seating design when calculating the size of the tent. Without doing any calculations, you must keep in mind that a roundtable seating plan requires a larger tent size than a theatre-style seating design. Let's do some basic calculations here. If each table accommodates eight people and everyone sits at 60-inch round tables, you will need 100 square feet per eight people. As a result, a total of 1250 square feet is needed to accommodate 100 guests. For every eight visitors, a theatre-style seating plan needs 80 square feet. Wait, this is just what you need for a basic seating arrangement. An extra space would be needed for addition of each item like aisle, buffet, bar, cake table, and dance floor. All these items could be accommodated in a standard tent size of 2000 square feet. Impart a distinct look to your tablespace with our folding chairs, wooden slices, and Chiavari chairs. Cover your tables and chairs with sequin rectangle tablecloths, metallic foil table covers, and dusty rose satin chair covers for the ultimate effect.

Complete the Makeover of Your Backyard with Wedding Tent Decorations

As you ready your tent and tables for the special day, don’t forget to provide finishing touches with decorative centerpieces, artificial flowers, and wedding accessories to enhance appeal of backyard wedding. For an ideal  backyard wedding ceremony, choose our artificial flowers, vases, and LED light up characters.


We hope you have found answer to your question “what size do I need for 100 guests?” by reading this blog. Feel inspired to make use of the above backyard tent wedding ideas to procure the right tent size for 100 guests and host a fabulous backyard tent wedding. We want to hear from you. Please share your ideas and plans for a backyard wedding in the comments section below.