Where Do You Use Accent Lighting?

Adding drama and style into your simple living, accent lighting décor is that one kind of lighting option that highlights architectural features and important objects and effortlessly makes the dull interior stand out while accentuating the areas’ aesthetics up a notch. Deciding where do you use accent lighting is a tough call, as the placement will either make or break your interior design. We have listed some ideas about where you can use interior accent lighting to create a distinctive style in your interior decorations. Read along and get inspired!

accent lighting

For Rooms

Give your boring bedroom walls a soft, dispersed look by attaching LED strip accent lighting fixtures to the ceiling or floor at even intervals. Make shadows more or less pronounced by moving wall mounted bedroom accent lighting closer to or farther from the wall.

Create ambient lighting in a room or other areas of the house that need additional lighting with ceiling accent lighting. Highlight your living room’s paintings, houseplants, sculptures, furnishings, staircase, wall art, and other prized possessions by using landscape LED living room accent lighting

Enhance the look of your study room by using flexible led strip lights and illuminate your shelves and display cases with these home accent lighting. For home office room, use small accent lighting as a backlight of your monitor and enjoy gaming or work experience. For vast walls decorated with large portraits or wall-mounted objects, use LED accent light bars.

For Walls

Give a nice, evenly distributed light to large accent walls and smooth vertical surfaces with our LED wall washer lights. For smooth and flat walls, choose our interior accent lighting or mount monopoint lights to avoid getting a direct light spot. Opt for our UV LED wall washer light as your outdoor accent lighting and illuminate the patio wall space or backdrop for a dramatic ambiance.

Additional Décor

Accent your front door wreath base with LED strip lights and add a scintillating glow to your DIY seasonal wreath. For added charm, partner our plugin spotlight with our led strobe lights and achieve the perfect illumination that you are searching for.


We hope that with this blog post you have got enough ideas on where to use accent lighting. If you have more accent lighting ideas with you don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section below!